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About Me

From SDR to Business Owner 👇

In my SDR days, I spent most of my time video prospecting to sales executives. I knew I was onto something when sales leaders started reaching out for video coaching for their own SDR teams.

I took a bet on myself in October 2021 & created the Video Prospecting Program that works. Now, I've helped dozens of salespeople book an extra 2-3 new business meetings per week to keep a consistently full funnel.


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The Katch Solutions services page is currently under a remodel. For questions about 1-on-1 coaching, team coaching & consulting, and speaking engagements, see below.

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Daniel Makela - SDR Manager @

“The team was fired up. Within the first week, we not only had responses from prospects we had no prior luck engaging with, but meetings were being booked. In the world of cluttered outreach of calls and emails a fresh prospective was much needed. Would recommend all outbound teams working with Katherine if you are looking to break through the noise of out dated prospecting motions.”


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